Developing the tool for assessing resiliance and safety climateaspects in the transport and mining companies


Prof. Dr. Ivan Mihajlović
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade


Abstract: This manuscript is presenting the process of development of the original software application, e.g. the tool, to be used in the process of assessment of the resilience level and the safety climate aspects in the industrial organizations in the transport and mining sector. The initial data that was used to develop the app was collected using the questionnaire in which employees, segmented in five different organizational levels (e.g. transport and mining machines operators, support workers, first line managers, middle level managers and top level managers), were assessing the present state and the importance of each of the investigated safety indicators. Based on this initial database the starting measurement model was developed that was used to calculate the resilience levels of the organizations, based on adequate MCDA methods and four resilience corners approach. Building up on the starting model, the practical app is being designed that is based on the user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) in which the respondents can directly rate offered list of safety indicators. Using the app, based on the integrated AI models, ratings of each individual user will be used for additional updating of the database and training of the app, as well as for the comparison with the average values of all previous respondents, that will lead to generation of the practical advices on the operational optimization of the investigated workplaces in the investigated heavy industry sector.

Key words: resilience, safety climate, software application, artificialintelligence

Biography: Dr. Ivan Mihajlović, full professor, was born on March 14, 1973 in Zaječar, Serbia. He currently lives in Belgrade, where he is employed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, as a full professor in a group of subjects in the field of industrial engineering/engineering management. The subjects that professor Mihajlović teach at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are:
- Industrial engineering - design and practice - undergraduate studies;
- Engineering economics - undergraduate studies;
- Engineering management and economics - undergraduate studies;
- Basics of risk theory - undergraduate studies;
- Industrial management – master studies;
- Evaluation of projects in the field of information technologies - master studies;
- Supply chain management - master studies.
- Management of innovations - doctoral studies;
In the period 2001 - 2022, he was engaged at the Technical Faculty in Bor, first as an assistant, then as an assistant professor, associate professor, and finally - from 2016, as a full professor. He is Editor in Chief of the "Serbian Journal of Management” ( ), and member of Editorial board of other scientific journals. He is author of many university handbooks, monographs and books with solved examples, as well as 76 publications published in international journals indexed in Scopus, with H-index 15. Orcid ID: 0000-0002-9489-8207.